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Gesellschaft für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften des Landbaues e.V.

Gesellschaft für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften des Landbaues e.V.

Award of Scientific Achievements

The GEWISOLA will, within the framework of its regular annual meeting, award a prize for Scientific Achievement of younger scientists in the scientific fields represented by the members of the Society.

  • The award is linked to a monetary prize of Euro 1500 and shall normally be awarded annually for one paper.
  • Proposals for the award may be made to the Executive Committee by any member of the Society by 30 November each year for the award of the following year.
  • A peer review is required for the selection of the work to be awarded. For this purpose, the Executive Committee shall ask independent experts from among the members of the Society for a comparative assessment of the proposals submitted. The proposing member should already attach a detailed justification to the proposal.
  • The Executive Board of the Society decides on the awarding of the prize on the basis of the available expert reviews.

Award of Communication

  • Aim of the Award: The prize is awarded for the preparation of relevant knowledge from the economic and social sciences of agriculture for current social and political discussions. It is awarded for contributions to the social discussion in print media, TV, radio and social media.
  • Criteria for the Award: The criteria for awarding the prize are, in particular, political and social topicality and relevance, the successful presentation of scientific content in a form accessible to laypersons, as well as creativity in the content and form of the contributions. The contributions should not be older than 24 months. The prize may also be awarded to working groups.
  • Proposal Procedure: The announcement of the award will be made by the Executive Board in the GEWISOLA newsletter by 31 March at the latest. All members of GEWISOLA may propose contributions for this award. Own contributions as well as contributions of non-members can also be proposed. Proposals must be submitted to the GEWISOLA Executive Board by a specified deadline, including the names of the authors, the contributions and a statement of reasons. The prize will be awarded annually, provided that proposals worthy of the prize have been made.
  • Composition of the Jury: The jury consists of 6 (to 7) members and is appointed by the GEWISOLA board for a period of three years. Re-appointment is possible. It is composed of three academics from the economic and social sciences of agriculture or communication sciences, one representative each from the traditional print media, the new media, practical agricultural policy or agricultural administration or from public life and, if applicable, a media partner.
  • Selection of the Award Winners: The jury shall meet once a year at the invitation of the Executive Committee. The jury shall select the proposals for the award winners and shall submit its proposal for the prize(s) to the Executive Board of GEWISOLA, stating the reasons for the proposal and recording it in the minutes. The Executive Board shall decide on the awarding of the prize(s).
  • Procedure for Awarding: The Award for Communication will be presented by the President of the Society during the Annual Conference and consists of: a certificate and a monetary amount of € 1,500.